Simona Nikolova

Hi, my name is Simona Nikolova, I do fantastic and different frontend design & development. I work to create quality templates and themes. I do unique design that allows you to stands out of the crowd. My goal is to ease your work and help you save time and of course money.

How I work

Take a look at the process of my work. So you will have an idea on what order of operation will be realized your future project.

Thinking and Plan

I start with a cup of coffee, a pen, a piece of paper and I go forward.


Then I try to design all my ideas, and then I begin to improve them.


Finally, I open necessary programs and start to work.


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • Foundation for emails

  • Photoshop

  • Sketch

  • Illustrator

  • Bootstrap

  • Javascript

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Happy Clients

  • Absolutely different! It is fairly entitled “unique”, it is not just a word, it is really unique. I like a lot your way of thinking, ability to see things differently. And yet what a template name!–I do admire your creativity. Keep on your wonderful work and wish you a lot of luck and ton of sales with Discussion, Tanya
  • One more time wonderfull template… Thank you so much
  • Thanks for bringing some original ideas to the table. Nicely done!!!
  • Nice! Love the creativity :) Good luck!


Graphics is a huge passion of mine. It enables me to stay spontaneous and gives me an opportunity for creative fulfillment. I put a lot of commitment into my work, and take by the handful all the benefits offered by the Internet, contemporary advertising and art books in order to satisfy my ideas.

Web Design

Print Design

Identity Design

Logo Design

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Nottingham, UK

0044 7848 742 828